About Us

Sr.Citizens forum was established during 2006 and its secretary was Mr.J.V.Pai. Till 2009 it was having only 23 members and a capital of Rs.18,000.

In 2009 Sri K.S.Nair was enrolled as member and that was real birth of the DLRWA. He was made as the secretary and he enrolled 130 members in one month and the first General body meeting was held up on 18th July 2010 and on this occasion we have released the first senior. In the first General Body the following were elected as office bearers.

1) Col.Janakiram Reddy (President)
2) Balsubramaniam V (President)
3) K.S Nair (Secretary)
4)Vasantha kumar - Treasurer

And this committee continued till 2015. In order to unite ourself unity was essential. The civic amenities were in a pathetic condition. To mention few, inadequate water supply , frequent power cuts, frequent sewage block, poorly maintained roads and drains, footpath occupied by vendors and hawkers, stray dog causing menace and sleepless nights. Garbages are thrown everywhere and anywhere, building debris were lying on the roads.


Present committee members

Office Bearers :

1. Dr Rajmohan H R( President)
2. Lawrence D'Souza( vice president)
3. Shivakumar V(General secretary)
4. Vani V K( Joint secretary)
5. Sundar A( Treasurer)

Managing Committee:


  • Parithosh Gupta
  • D R Vimalan
  • R Narayanan
  • Venkataraman
  • C Nirmala mudapa
  • T Geetha
  • Anitha S kumar
  • Mohan reddy
  • Ramesh C
  • Satish A
  • Rajesh kumar
  • Adrian Fosberry